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ISIP Lectura Temprana approved by TEA as a valid and reliable Spanish language screening and reading diagnostic instrument

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DALLAS, June 15, 2012
/PRNewswire/ -- The Texas Education Agency announced today that Istation's computer adaptive assessment for Spanish reading, ISIP Lectura Temprana, was approved and is placed on the 2012-2013 Texas Commissioner's List as a valid and reliable Spanish language screening and reading diagnostic instrument for grades Kindergarten – Grade 3. ISIP Lectura Temprana is the only computer-delivered assessment and computer adaptive test on the list.

Similar to Istation's popular English reading assessment, features include real-time data reporting and scripted teacher lesson plans. An entire class can be assessed in approximately 30 minutes – putting hundreds of valuable teaching hours back into the classroom.

Istation also announces their plans to release their Spanish reading intervention program for grades PreK – Grade 3 in late August 2012. The Spanish intervention program will fully integrate with the ISIP Lectura Temprana assessment. Much like Istation's powerful English reading intervention, students will automatically be placed into the Spanish reading program, Istation Español – an engaging, richly-animated, computer-delivered intervention program – based on results from the ISIP Español computer-adaptive assessment. The integrated Spanish assessment and Spanish intervention program will engage students with captivating interactivity, animation and game-like features. Computerized differentiated intervention and personalized instruction will quickly address the needs of each student.

"This is a big advancement for Texas and throughout the country. Through the use of our highly engaging and animated computer program, we can assist in helping to advance and secure the future of our Spanish ELL students," says Richard H. Collins, Chairman and CEO of Istation. "We provide the tools to the teachers so they can spend more time teaching. We are excited about being able to provide the same opportunities to our Spanish ELL students."

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Istation is a leading provider of richly-animated and interactive computer adaptive assessments (known as "ISIP™", Istation's Indicators of Progress), differentiated computer-delivered intervention programs, teacher resources, lexile-leveled online books, instant data reporting, customer support and professional development for PreK-12 students and educators. Istation's products are standards- and research-based, facilitating response to intervention, personalized and differentiated instruction, and progress monitoring. The company's products are delivered via the internet and web. Istation's suite of products includes computer adaptive assessments (ISIP) for English, Spanish, and Math, and an interactive, differentiated, computerized reading intervention program with interdisciplinary studies and content in the areas of science, social studies and writing. Istation is a subscription-based service currently used by students in 37 states and 6 countries. Istation is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Company information is available at or email at Contact Tracey Roden at (972) 643-3465 for more information.

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