Visual of the Istation corporate office.

DALLAS, July 10, 2012 – Istation unveils its new logo and launches the first phase of their new Web site. The new logo is a silhouette of a child in a red cape. It represents a young child who is “at risk”, struggling, afraid and overwhelmed. Istation dissolves those negative feelings that can stop the learning process.

"The red cape symbolizes Istation – and how we save kids' lives through interactive reading and learning intervention. It was inspired by the belief that what we do – helping kids learn – empowers them. We help kids feel confident. We help them feel like super heroes as they become super readers and super learners," says Richard H. Collins, Chairman and CEO of Istation.

The new Web site improves and enhances the user experience with easier to use navigation menus and clearer images. Continued enhancements to the Web site will continue during the next few weeks featuring new guided tours and videos, vivid pictures of children and the release of new desktop icons and screens that incorporate Istation’s new logo.

About Istation

Istation is a leading provider of richly-animated and interactive computer adaptive assessments (known as "ISIP™", Istation's Indicators of Progress), differentiated computer-delivered intervention programs, teacher resources, lexile-leveled online books, instant data reporting, customer support and professional development for PreK-12 students and educators. Istation's products are standards- and research-based, facilitating response to intervention, personalized and differentiated instruction, and progress monitoring. The company's products are delivered via the internet and web. Istation's suite of products includes computer adaptive assessments (ISIP) for English, Spanish, and Math, and an interactive, differentiated, computerized reading intervention program with interdisciplinary studies and content in the areas of science, social studies and writing. Istation is a subscription-based service currently used by students in 37 states and 6 countries. Istation is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Company information is available at or email at Contact Tracey Roden at 972-643-3465 for more information.

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