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All grades 3 through 8 Texas public school students will have free access to Istation Reading — both in school and at home

DALLAS, August 30, 2012 — Istation announces it has been awarded a contract from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) under Texas SUCCESS to provide free and unlimited access to its Istation Reading program for all students in grades 3 through 8 across the state of Texas — both in school and at home. Texas SUCCESS (Texas Students Using Curriculum Content to Ensure Sustained Success), is part of the Texas Student Success Initiative (SSI).

"We are honored to have been selected as the reading provider", says Richard H. Collins, Istation’s Chairman and CEO. "Our curriculum uses state-of-the-art animation and is delivered in a game-like format that students find engaging and exciting."

Istation Reading has been proven effective in maximizing students' reading fluency, comprehension, and retention. Its computer-based format is interactive, engaging, and fun. Its comprehensive library of support materials makes every minute of teaching and learning more effective. And its easy-to-use components work together to provide every student with the individualized instruction he or she needs for continual achievement.

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About Istation

Istation is a leading provider of richly animated and interactive computer-adaptive assessments (known as "ISIP," Istation's Indicators of Progress), differentiated computer-delivered intervention programs, teacher resources, Lexile-leveled online books, instant data reporting, customer support and professional development for pre-K through grade 12 students and educators. Istation's products are standards- and research-based, facilitating response to intervention, personalized and differentiated instruction, and progress monitoring. The company's products are delivered via the Internet and Web. Istation's suite of products includes computer-adaptive assessments (ISIP) for Reading, Spanish and Math and an interactive, differentiated, computerized reading intervention program with interdisciplinary studies and content in the areas of science, social studies and writing. Istation is a subscription-based service currently used by students in 37 states and six countries. Istation is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Company information is available at or by email at Contact Vicki Whitfield at 972-643-3448 for more information.