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Timeless Tales with Paige Turner Entices Students in Grades 6-12

Paige Turner

DALLAS, May 3, 2013 – Introducing Timeless Tales with Paige Turner, the newest reading resource from Istation. Timeless Tales features an interactive learning experience for students and a purposeful series of teacher-directed lessons for use in reading and reading intervention classrooms in grades 6-12.

Through the latest in game-based, interactive, and structured learning experiences, Timeless Tales motivates students intrinsically with the best of educational technology. Timeless Tales balances research-driven instruction, student-driven exploration, and design innovation.

Aligned with Common Core and state standards, the Timeless Tales curriculum provides structured support for the development of foundational reading skills within the high-interest, interdisciplinary context of storytelling and the hero’s journey through world history. Three main phases build upon one another and include the structure of a narrative, the qualities and conflicts that characterize a hero, and real-world storytelling, from ancient times to the Internet age. Students can practice skills such as summarizing, analyzing arguments, and evaluating text structures. The interdisciplinary approach enables students to apply their learning across subjects.

Paige Turner, Literary Genius, takes students on a fascinating journey around the world with original passages. With ancient civilizations, mysteries, medieval quests, wilderness survival tales, and pop and urban culture, Timeless Tales is full of adventure! Timeless Tales passages promote the six pillars of character education, encouraging good citizenship and empowering the hero within every reader.

After each lesson, students reach the World of Wonders, where they can browse and select from exciting leveled tales. The World of Wonders library, which grows as students progress through the program, contains something for every reader. Each passage is tied to an academic writing prompt modeled after state assessments. Students can monitor their progress, track the passages they’ve read and responded to, and even share their successes with others!

Timeless Tales motivates students with points-driven games and direct instruction in word analysis and vocabulary skills, which are strong predictors of a student’s overall success in reading. With fun and engaging activities, students acquire the academic vocabulary they need for reading comprehension.

Struggling secondary-level students need a strong reading foundation from which to further develop their skills across multiple subject areas. Timeless Tales is designed to teach concrete reading comprehension and higher-level thinking skills, giving students the tools and motivation they need to become good readers and successful students.

Teacher-friendly lessons incorporate multiple levels of classroom technology and interactivity, including projector pages with embedded hyperlinks and electronic whiteboard activities. Additional features include lesson adaptations and extensions and instructions for incorporating research standards. The highly effective instructional design fits any response-to-intervention framework.

Unit 1 to be released Fall 2013!