Visual of the Istation corporate office.

DALLAS, February 25, 2014 — Mobile Access to Istation Available for the 2014 School Year

Mobile access to Istation’s computer-adaptive reading instruction is coming to the iPad just in time for the 2014 school year, perfect for transformational educators who embrace mobile learning strategies and innovative schools that adopt 1-to-1 technology, “bring your own device” (BYOD) approaches and mobile computer labs.

Throughout 2014 Istation will be transferring hundreds of instructional hours to apps and Web-based formats for multiple mobile computing devices. After the launch of Istation’s app on the iPad at the start of the 2014 school year, Chromebook access will follow in early 2015.

Video: Mobile Access to Istation Available for the 2014 School Year

Students will be able to learn at their own pace as they interact with Istation’s cast of animated characters as well as swipe and touch their way through hundreds of instructional hours and activities on the iPad. Children with cognitive learning challenges and disabilities will be able to intuitively navigate and engage with Istation’s educational content using iPad’s flexible design and simple touch-screen technology.

For schools that embrace affordable educational technology, Istation on the iPad is a money-saving solution that streamlines instruction and assessments with instantaneous and continuous access to data. Istation’s all-in-one educational technology combines computer-adaptive assessments, animated and interactive instruction, real-time reports and support for intervention.

Istation Reading is a comprehensive computer-based reading program that integrates explicit, direct and systematic instruction into subject-area content while focusing on critical skills within the five key reading areas. Already used by nearly four million students in 38 states and six countries, Istation Reading’s computer-adaptive assessments and instruction present reading and writing in a fun, interactive way that motivates students to participate.