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DALLAS, Aug 25, 2015 — Istation’s math assessments and supplemental instruction follow same research-based approach as award-winning Istation Reading programs

Istation, a longtime leader in digital reading assessment and instruction, introduces Istation Math, a comprehensive computer-based program that helps students master foundational math skills.

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Built on the same research-based model as Istation Reading, Istation Math offers game-like computer-adaptive formative assessments for students in prekindergarten through 8th grade and adaptive online instruction for prekindergarten through 5th grade students.

“The same amount of expertise and passion that went into developing reading lessons more than a decade ago went into Istation Math,” said Istation Vice President of Curriculum Tracey Roden. “When we build a product, it’s like we have our own virtual classroom of children. Even if we don’t ever physically walk into that classroom, we are determined to take care of them and provide them with high quality, individualized instruction.”

Istation Math assessments, known as ISIP™ Math, align to Common Core State Standards and individual state standards. ISIP Math allows a teacher to screen an entire class in about 30 minutes while automatically adjusting for each student’s individual ability within his or her grade level. ISIP Math also provides automatic monthly progress monitoring.

ISIP Early Math, a formative assessment and universal screener for students in prekindergarten through 1st grade, presents an interactive grocery store shopping environment. Its groundbreaking and developmentally appropriate design introduces and models interface interaction for students new to technology. ISIP Early Math measures number sense, operations, geometry, algebra and algebraic thinking, measurement, data analysis, probability and statistics, personal financial literacy, and mathematical reasoning.

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ISIP Math, a formative assessment and universal screener for 2nd through 8th grade students covers number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, ratios and proportional relationships, probability and statistics, personal financial literacy, and mathematical reasoning.

Istation Math is a truly adaptive online curriculum that offers explicit and direct instruction in foundational number sense skills. An animated, high-energy group of friends known as Donnie and the Decimals steer students through interactive lessons with guided and independent practice.

For prekindergarten through 1st grade, Donnie and the Decimals, also known as “The Math Superstars,” are a rock band traveling the United States on a concert tour. During stops in various cities, students learn key math concepts, including rote counting, cardinality, and addition, while the band sings catchy tunes. As students progress to 2nd grade and beyond, Donnie and the Decimals become secret agents who must use their math skills to save the world. Students will learn valuable number sense skills such as place value, rounding, comparison, and fractions to solve problems created by wacky villains Miss Match, Pie Face, and more.

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Istation Math provides teachers with personalized insights through an overall math proficiency score for each student. Real-time data and reports reveal a student’s breadth of understanding across content and depth of thinking while pinpointing specific areas where there is room to grow.

On-demand teaching resources and digital tools are also available with a subscription to Istation Math. Related downloadable lessons can be used with interactive whiteboards to support small- group, whole-group, and one-on-one instruction. Istation Math offers more than 250 teacher-directed lessons plus easy-to-use guides and digital number lines, place value mats, and fraction bars.

Istation Math is subscription-based. Interested campuses should contact Istation’s sales team at or 1-866-883-7323.

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