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DALLAS, August 23, 2016 — Today, Istation announces the release of its new Spanish assessment for 4th and 5th grade, ISIP Lectura Avanzada. The assessment will be available as a free pilot for educators during the 2016-2017 school year.

ISIP Lectura Avanzada measures critical areas of Spanish reading development, including vocabulario (vocabulary), ortografía (spelling), comprensión de lectura (reading comprehension) and fluidez (fluency).

  • Vocabulario (vocabulary) – The words presented to students in this subtest are both general and content specific (math, science and social studies). Students are asked to identify the synonym of a word, to match a word to its definition and to match a picture to the word.
  • Ortografía (spelling) – The words in this subtest include adverbs, adjectives and words with orthographic accents and patterns (i.e., words with b and v, rr, ll, etc). Students will hear a word spoken by the narrator and then hear a sentence using the word in context. After hearing the word in these two ways, students will use the keyboard displayed on the screen to write the word correctly.
  • Comprensión de lectura (reading comprehension) – The reading comprehension passages vary in genre and subject. Students can scroll up or down to read the full passage and then answer vocabulary and comprehension questions accordingly. Skills tested include main idea, inference, drawing conclusions, cause and effect, sequence, summarization and vocabulary in context.
  • Fluidez (fluency) – The passages in the fluency subtest vary in genre and subject. Each passage includes a specific amount of text every time, and students have to fill in the blank by selecting from a menu of three possible words to complete the sentence. This is also known as a cloze procedure.
Istation Releases New Spanish Assessment for 4th and 5th Grade

Because Istation’s assessments are computer adaptive, teachers can accurately screen an entire classroom in approximately 30 minutes.

“We are very excited to add to our robust portfolio of progress-monitoring solutions for schools and districts. ISIP Lectura Avanzada for 4th and 5th grade was developed as a response to strong customer demand. It helps to extend our ISIP Lectura Temprana solution for pre-K through 3rd grades,” said Richard H. Collins, Chairman and CEO of Istation.

ISIP Español supports a variety of special language programs: transitional and maintenance bilingual education, one-way and two-way dual-language immersion, newcomer models and more.

In addition, Istation’s assessments can be supplemented with Istation’s Spanish teacher-directed lessons, vocabulary cards and books for a true blended learning experience.

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