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According to an educational survey, 87% of school leaders believe computer-based approaches drive teacher buy-in

DALLAS, June 25, 2019 — Nearly 90 percent of school leaders responding to an Istation sponsored educational survey by District Administration magazine said digitally implementing formative assessments improves system-wide adoption and usage by teachers in districts and schools.

The survey asked school administrators across the country to share challenges that limit adoption of a systematic approach to formative assessment in their districts. Survey results were published in the June 2019 issue of District Administration [LINK TO PAGE].

Formative assessments help teachers recognize which skills students struggle with in order to help differentiate instruction. Istation provides schools with computer-adaptive formative assessments, screening programs and progress monitoring. Schools get actionable and insightful data that drives intervention and blended learning for reading, math and Spanish literacy.

Asked if they believe teachers would increase their use of formative assessment through a digital platform, 20 percent of administrators said, "Yes, definitely," while 67% percent said, "Yes, probably." Of the administrators surveyed, 95 percent said teachers would consistently use a systematic approach if it were easier, less time consuming or both.

"Findings from this significant study reinforce Istation's belief that digitally implementing formative assessments ensures more teachers are supported as they differentiate instruction for their students, using actionable and insightful data," said Richard H. Collins, chairman and CEO of Istation. "The results also tell us that ease and time are the major factors impacting teacher buy-in of a systematic approach to formative assessments."

Research-based and aligned to individual state standards and Common Core State Standards, Istation's formative assessments also support English language instruction and special education. Schools get real-time student data that helps measure growth with teacher-friendly feedback that is timely, specific and constructive.

"Real-time data provided through computer-adaptive assessments helps teachers to be much more prescriptive," said Vickie Whitfield, Vice President of Instruction & Product Knowledge at Istation. "Because of this technology and how it is being leveraged, teachers can accelerate every student's achievement more quickly and efficiently.Using Istation's nationally normed Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) to measure student growth with engaging, computer-adaptive screening and progress monitoring, a teacher can assess his or her whole class in approximately 30 minutes."

About Istation

Founded in 1998 and based in Dallas, Texas, Istation (Imagination Station) has become one of the nation's leading providers of richly animated, game-like educational technology. Winner of several national educational technology awards, the Istation program puts more instructional time in the classroom through small-group and collaborative instruction. Istation's innovative reading, math and Spanish programs immerse students in an engaging and interactive environment and inspire them to learn. Additionally, administrators and educators can use Istation to easily track the progress of their students, schools and classrooms. Istation now serves over 4 million students throughout the United States and in several other countries.