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Awards recognize the newest, most innovative technology solutions for K-12 education

DALLAS, March 11, 2021 — Istation, a leader in educational technology, has been named a winner of the 2020 Top Ed Tech Products of the Year award by District Administration and FETC for its digital oral reading fluency assessment.

Developed through a partnership with Boulder Learning Inc. and powered by voice recognition and artificial intelligence, Istation's Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) assessment allows teachers to automatically measure oral reading fluency from digitally recorded passages for students in grades K–5 for both English and Spanish.

The fast and flexible advanced speech recognition technology saves teachers' time. Students make recordings of themselves reading grade-leveled passages, which pass through carefully calibrated acoustic models to produce auto-scores. Teachers can review recordings at their convenience and even share them during parent teacher conferences.

Students also can record passages from home, giving teachers the insight to determine whether students are on track to meet reading goals during this time of distance learning. Since the recordings are always available for review, teachers can ensure data integrity even when the assessment is administered remotely.

"We are thrilled our product has been recognized as one of the most innovative new solutions on the market that's helping district leaders meet the ever-evolving technology needs of their schools," said Ossa Fisher, COO of Istation. "Educators have had so much on their plate this year, from juggling the complexities of distance learning and learning how to navigate new edtech tools to worrying about the mental health of their students and themselves. It's an honor and a privilege to fulfill our mission of helping students succeed and grow while making educators' lives a little easier during these trying times."

Istation's Peter Jacobson gave a presentation on the ISIP Oral Reading Fluency assessment during the District Administration Virtual Future of Education Technology Conference in January 2021.

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About Istation

Founded in 1998 and based in Dallas, Texas, Istation (Imagination Station) has become one of the nation's leading providers of richly animated, game-like educational technology. Winner of several national educational technology awards, the Istation program puts more instructional time in the classroom through small-group and collaborative instruction. Istation's innovative reading, math and Spanish programs immerse students in an engaging and interactive environment and inspire them to learn. Additionally, administrators and educators can use Istation to easily track the progress of their students, schools and classrooms. Istation now serves over 4 million students throughout the United States and in several other countries.